Life Support Services

CHWARBARDA Life Support Services

Established in 2015, CHWARBARDA Life Support has been the leading Life Support services company in the country, within a short period of time, it has positioned itself in the market and became one of the top companies relying on the superior quality of its services and a team of well-trained personnel.
Presently CHWARBARDA is providing Life support services to United Nation Mission in Iraq at (Mosul & Erbil), and many other international organizations.
Significant growth has created bigger opportunities and a massive profit to the company in a short period of time.
Operating under international standards, we succeeded to obtain ISO 9001-2015 and maintain it, we are constantly growing; franchising will enable us to maintain our position in the market as a leading Life support services company.
Being an organization with extensive resources, experience, and expertise in the service industry, CHWARBARDA is all set to meet any challenge placed in its path. We are interested and highly keen in meeting your needs, preferences, and requirements, we have a well-trained and qualified team that is fully equipped to perform the Services 24/7.

Our Vision & Mission

To be “preferred Life Support Services Company” to our Clients,
Our Future in practice

Vision Statement

Is to become the best Life supporter for Customer’s Satisfaction and Quality Service, Our principal concern is to achieve excellence in creating an Environment in which all employees can develop their appropriate skills and Personal Ambitions.

Services and Capabilities

From procuring material, supplies, equipment, vehicles, machinery, and being able to support these logistically, CHWARBARDA, is now able and capable of providing, conducting, and supporting any spectrum of service in the Life Support Services Industry.

Some of our services available are, but not limited to:

Cleaning & Janitorial Services
Gardening & Ground maintenance Services
Facility Management
Operation & Maintenance Services (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Power Generators)
Laundry and Housekeeping Services
Pest Control Services
Garbage collection & disposal/ Trash bin rental (size 240L-6m3)
Waste Management Stream
Sewage wastewater collection/disposal
Portable toilet rental & service
Supplying/Transporting/Delivering fuel & Portable water
Heavy/ Light vehicle rental & leasing
20’ and 40′ Trucks & Trailers.
Cranes and Forklifts ranging from 4 Ton to 120 Tons.

Camp Support Services

In remote regions whenever people have to live together for a certain period of time, there is the necessity to provide the basics: premises for eating, sleeping, bathrooms, and community rooms. But who is taking care of catering? Who will do the laundry and take care of the waste? Who will install and maintain the electricity, provide warehousing, and take care of building maintenance and all sorts of equipment? The answer to all this is: CHWARBARDA With well-managed projects all over Iraq, CHWARBARDA has the experience everyone can count on.

Labor Supply Services

CHWARBARDA’s Labor Services ensure that your operations are staffed and managed efficiently, with personnel who have the training and experience you require. We have a large proprietary database of personnel, arrangements with international staffing agencies, training centers with staff housing, and the experience to handle visa requirements and work permits for you.
CHWARBARDA Labor Services can identify, screen, and engage the right people that meet your requirements for every level of job, from general labor to skilled trade’s personnel, professionals, and senior executives.

Facility Management

Well trained CHWARBARDA technicians will take responsibility for the complete facility management, to maintain the buildings in good operating condition; CHWARBARDA renders various services from inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs to the management of day-to-day operations. Activities are e.g. the maintenance and operations in the field of Building Maintenance, HVAC, electrical networks, plumbing systems, Power Generators, fire & life safety systems, telecommunications and TV services, and CCTV.